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The Stanford Student Store has been a non-profit, student-run enterprise since 1995, with the mission of preserving and contributing to the financial stability of on-campus student organizations. The Stanford Student Store is a division of Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), the financial branch responsible for ensuring the financial security and funding for the student governing body, Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU).



The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) was founded in 1891 to represent all students on campus while allocating funds to Stanford's Volunteer Student Organizations (VSO). While the ASSU initially received financial sponsorship from the University, by 1995, it had become financially independent in order to protect VSO programs from budget cuts. Thus SSE was established in 1996 to ensure the ASSU and Stanford's 700+ VSOs' long-term financial viability and independence.

Contact: customerservice@sse.stanford.edu

Location: 459 Lagunita Dr #117, Stanford, CA 94305