What makes the Student Store different from the Bookstore?

The Student Store is student-run and maintained, with an emphasis on apparel and accessories that reflect student life and designs. We work with suppliers to ensure that our rates are student-friendly, and we offer prices that are less than the Stanford Bookstore (by 40% to be exact) plus a 10% discount for all students and alumni (with Stanford ID). 

How do I get involved with the student design process?

Please reach out to our Store Managing Director and Design & Marketing Manager, Jonathan Arnold (marketing@sse.stanford.edu) so we can set up a meeting and discuss copyright guidelines as well as what a potential partnership may look like!

What products are unique to the Student Store?

The Student Store owns the “Party with Trees” brand and is constantly working with students to make sure that what we feature is fresh and new and exclusive to our shop. We like experimenting with the cuts of products we feature as well as marketing across campus. Have an idea you’d like to share with us? Feel free to contact us at customerservice@sse.stanford.edu